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Share your talent

Put your passion to work.

Ask yourself a question....


Do you find that most recruitment agencies don't listen to a word you say, try to push you into the first irrelevant role that they are struggling to fill, and then send you to an interview without any information except the name of the interviewer? We thought so!


It might be time to try something a little different… at talentlab we will actually listen to you and endeavor to learn about your skills and aspirations. When we find a role that we think will appeal to you, we will call you and tell you about it. Providing you like the sound of the role we will brief you fully on the job whilst setting up a time for you to meet with the client. The client will receive a full brief on you so all you have to do is sell yourself and get the job.

Share your talent with a great employer.

Our clients are our partners.

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